Blog Over-the-air update incoming - Layer 2 is imminent

Jeremy Tunnell at

One last release of bridge, and Layer 2 transfers will be live on the network.


%cz hash (check with +vats):


Release notes:

- Replaced /app/azimuth/logs with a snapshot (/app/azimuth/version-0) of
the current Azimuth state at a specific block.

- The snapshot (included in the pill as mime object) is used upon booting a
new ship (or +on-load for existing ships) to update %jael's PKI state.

- Overview of what's included in the snapshot:
points: 77.674
sponsors: 463
owners: 19.509
block-number: 13.958.653
block-hash: 0xc967.1e07.0728.97ea.e53a.0f07.d48a.8a0d.3b01.0349.a6e0.96a7.f9f9.59d6.7818.f2b3

- Added two threads to update the Azimuth snapshot: -azimuth-snap-state (from
the current state) and -azimuth-snap-logs (from a list of ethereum logs)

- Fixed an issue that caused newly spawned L2 ships to lose connectivy upon
switching to the second private key in their multi-key file

- Updated /app/roller-rpc to support @urbit/roller-api (0.1.4) adding methods
for setting a specific transaction quota per submitting ship

- Added facilities to /app/roller to manually bump the gas fee for a L2 batch

- General update and refactor of /app/roller and related libraries

- Updated the ecliptic address in /lib/azimuth to account for the recent upgrade

- Made +chrd:de-xml:html less restrictive, allowing it to parse nodes that
contain doublequotes

- Updated /lib/shoe to pass on +on-peek calls into the underlying shoe app

- Refactored |mass output:
- Added detail to hoon/arvo/lull/zuse entries
- Made vane participation optional (/whey namespace)
- Grouped vane entries and metadata (default, type, and compiler-cache)

- Improved safety of mark conversion in %dojo by virtualizing these operations

- Enforced LF newlines for all hoon files

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