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Jeremy Tunnell at

There's a new binary release. Upgrade your binary.


Arvo 418 K

Vere 1.10

This is a minor release, with improved error handling, http2 support,

and a couple bug fixes.

Release Notes

- adds rigorous out-of-memory detection (bail:meme), by means of a

floating guard page on the loom. previous bail:meme handling

was limited and path dependent, so running out of memory could

cause a variety of error messages and crashes.

- improves handling of bad network crypto, by means of a new error type

(bail:evil). previous handling of packets encrypted wrongly or with

stale keys was correct (dropped, not acknowledged or logged), but verbose

(sivc-de-punt) and inefficient (the decryption jet punted to nock on any

error or failure). packet event failure due to bad crypto is also tracked

and printed separate from other failure reasons.

- enables http2 upgrade (via alpn) for browsers, improving web performance

and reducing eventsource disconnects. requires https.

- fixes a bug in the binary upgrade system where the upgrade continued after

failed event replay.

- fixes a couple runtime bugs that caused crashes or hangs in error handling

or shutdown.

- bumps the maximum event log size to 500GB on aarch64 linux

- improves builds, with experimental openbsd compatibility, compdb integration.

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