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New Ideas in the Air

Red Horizon’s ~tiller-tolbus has recently proposed a big new idea for Urbit. Meanwhile, Urbit Labs has been hard at work on a new project focused on how Urbit users discover new apps. Read about the Aegean proposal and other exciting projects below.

Aegean: Ultimate Urbit Browsing

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out a new proposal from ~tiller-tolbus on how to build “a single unified application” for making your way across Urbit.

Urbit’s unique namespace opens up possibilities for a social web that’s like nothing you’ve seen before—imagine your personal homepage, instant messaging, podcasting, feed aggregation and more all easily customizable and searchable according to your Urbit ID. Aegean provides the full suite of necessary tools for connected computing.

Play all the %hits

How do we surface great new apps on Urbit? How do we rank them? The answer is coming soon. Watch out for %hits, the first product from the newly formed Urbit Labs team.

Most of us on the Urbit network have seen %pals, the app from ~paldev for making friends on Urbit. But that app can unlock so much more, including an Urbit app store based on your social graph.

Watch for %hits to hit next month and check the Urbit Foundation X account for updates.


Tlon is at work on an experiment in user profiles.

It’s still a work in progress, but we still thought it would be fun to share this image from the design work. Stay tuned, and look at for more ways to get social on Urbit coming soon. And feel free to download the Tlon app and check out the network here.

Highlighted Media

Odds & Ends

Some quick hits from on and around the network this past month:

  • Inspired by the famous Bell Labs Technical Journal, the Urbit Systems Technical Journal will keep you up to speed on all the new work being done on the network. Follow @urbit for details on the release date and more.

  • ~dozreg-toplud has finished his WebAssembly interpreter in Hoon.

  • Trill, a microblogging app, has released version 1.14.0—now featuring p2p video calls. Download at ~dister-dozzod-sortug/trill and give it a whirl.

  • Bedrock, a framework for building Urbit apps by using JavaScript alone, has been updated for the 411K release. Find the repo here.

  • ~lagrev-nocfep and his build party compatriots built a minimal new vane in under six hours. Take a look at their work.

  • ~poldec-tonteg used Gene Wolfe’s SF masterpiece The Book of the New Sun to explain Urbit’s unique value proposition in a world where both humans and machines seem to be becoming less competent.

  • UF’s ~tinnus-napbus and ~borref-tonnel are at work on improving %files, an app for hosting and sharing files. Stay tuned.

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