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What is the difference between sour, home, kids, and glob hashes when I type +trouble?

  • Sour is the has of what you've downloaded from your sponsor regardless of whether it's been successfully applied to any of your desks
  • Home is the hash of your %home desk, which is your main desk
  • Kids is your %kids desk, which is what anything downstream from you would pull updates from, just as you get your updates from the %kids desk of your sponsor
  • Glob hash is the hash of the big pile of javascript that constitutes landscape, it's downloaded separately over http because it's pretty big and gets updated frequently, so it would make every ota massive and there is not currently a function to diff javascript files in clay, especially compacted ones like that, so they'd have to send the whole thing every time rather than just a small diff.  Because clay is version controlled, your desk would get bigger each time by the size of the glob, essentially duplicating it with each change.

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