Blog Bug fixes to groups pushed out

Jeremy Tunnell at

A big bundle of groups bug fixes.

Release Notes:

- allow admin removal of any message

- fix unreads not clearing chats

- inset by safe-area on iOS

- add disable spellcheck setting

- strip apps from landscape omnibox

- do not show cross-desk notifications

- fix to prevent hook crash in publish notes

- removed My Channels link from GroupSwitcher

- refactored the permissioning flow for groups, so as to make more


- now allows leap categories to reorder, improves searching algorithm

to order by strength of match

- removed the ability to delete DMs because it was unclear

- fixed DM loading from DmResource

- updated bad dependency routes and types in current next/groups

- fixed an issue in dev which prevents you from refreshing the page

at any url besides the root

- fixed issue causing new join modal to not distinguish between

groups and group DMs

- ensures that we retain join request state if the modal is open, and

ensure that group is in state before allowing them to navigate to it

- notification link handling to redirect to the already joined chat,

if already joined

- fixed an issue causing notifications to not show at all because the

check for desk was slightly off

- stopped DMs from trying to load if we haven't accepted it yet

- fixed potential undefined ref in SidebarListHeader groups

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