Blog New version of the urbit binary (1.9) and a new ota released

Jeremy Tunnell at

Tlon has released a new version of the urbit binary and is releasing a new OTA to go along with it.

The most important thing about this release for users is that urbit-worker, urbit-king, and the urbit binary are going away, and instead the binary is now located inside your pier (the folder that has your planet name).

For those of you upgrading, you'll need to do the upgrade and then run a command to move the binary into your pier.

Here's what's in the release:

  • Adds a command to urbit to update the binary. In future, when a new
    binary is ready, simply run urbit next to get the update.
    After install, restart with /.run.

  • Copies of the binary are now managed inside the pier, for newly booted
    ships, or upgrades installed via next. Such piers can be restarted
    with /.run (or \.run.exe on windows), without
    additional arguments. Run urbit dock to include the binary
    in a pre-existing pier.

  • Merges the urbit-worker binary back into urbit. The interprocess
    boundary still exists, so there will be two urbit processes started
    for each ship, but these are now the same binary. Old commands such
    as urbit-worker meld are now available as urbit meld .

  • Adds support for long-form command-line arguments. Run urbit to see
    them all.

  • Adds --http-port and --https-port arguments, allowing you to
    choose which ports to use for Eyre.

  • Adds Conn driver, which allows Unix processes to communicate with
    Urbit via a Unix socket. The primary handler will be the Khan vane,
    to be introduced in Urbit OS 418K.

  • Fixes issue on Windows where multiple ships couldn't run at the same

  • Adds hints to print the current stack trace

  • Disables page tracking on inner roads

  • Improves path sanitization

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