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Some issues remaining from the very large OTA

It looks like the new huge series of updates was perhaps too big.If you are experiencing loom corruption, upgrade to the 1.15 binary immediately and reboot.  In fact, you should upgrade to 1.15 as soon as possible anyway.  If you are experiencing other issues, just be patient as the t...

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Jeremy Tunnell at

Huge update coming to the network this week

This week the team is releasing a new binary and also a very large OTA with many improvements, followed immediately by the launch of the new Groups app and migration. Here's the details:New Urbit BinaryThis release decrements the Zuse kelvin to 417 and the Lull kelvin to 328.All app developers must...

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    Upgrade your urbit binary if you're running on linux

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    Errors and TroubleshootingSee this blog post for a comprehensive step-by-step troubleshooting process for the most common problems.Binary is out of dateMake sure your binary is the most recent version (If not using port)You can tell what version your binary is when you start your ship. It's the fir...

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    Updated May 24, 2023.This guide assumes you have purchased or acquired an urbit planet or star and you would like to set it up on a cloud VPS so it is always on.This guide also works for installing on Linux, just skip step 1.If you want to install on desktop Windows, I recommend using virtualiz...